Chinese Astrology

“The Sheep (Goat or Ram)”

intelligent, romantic, charming, compassionate, and gentle
disorganized, lazy, pessimistic, timid, indecisive, anxious, and gullible
Horse, Rabbit, or Pig
Ox, Tiger, Dog, Rat, or Snake
1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027
It is said that three animals worked together as a team to cross the finish line of the Jade Emperor’s race: Rooster, Monkey, and Sheep. Rooster found a raft, and Sheep and Monkey cleared it of weeds and carried it to the water. The three sailed to the opposite shore and crossed the finish line together.
This exemplifies how, while Sheep don’t necessarily like to lead, they enjoy being in a group both socially and as part of a team. Sheep was accorded the eighth position in the Zodiac.
Sheep (goat, or ram) is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use its fleece to make writing brushes and fur to keep warm. The white cute creature often reminds people of beautiful things.
Sheep are the most sensitive of all the signs. They can also be the most creative and artistically talented and may be drawn to the spiritual or esoteric. They are intelligent, romantic, charming, compassionate, and gentle.

Sheep always like to look their best and have a terrific sense of style. They flourish in an environment where they can work at their own pace, in spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, and surrounded by approval, love, and support. Sheep are also known as the most potentially vulnerable and needy sign.
The sheep are mild and close with the human. Especially in the Middle East, the people rely on the sheep to survive greatly. The sheep can coexist with the humans peacefully and migrate with them on grassland. So they have remarkable endurance and assiduous spirit. These are also the characters of the people born in the year of the sheep.
Sheep people have a strong vitality. There is an iron will and enterprising spirit underlying their soft and fluffy façade. When dealing with tasks, they are not impulsive but always considerate, analyze carefully and complete satisfactorily. In interpersonal relationship, as they are gentle and cultivated, they are liked by others. In terms of business, they are always wonderful hands. But sometimes, things can be made terrible because of their strong heart.
The people under the sheep sign are most flexible and have bright body. The men may look like sissy. While, the women are with a devilish charm to the opposite sex, as they are mostly beautiful, plump, clear in skin and slim in waist.

People born in the Year of the Sheep are tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted. They have special sensitivity to art and beauty and a special fondness for quiet living. They are wise, gentle and compassionate and can cope with business cautiously and circumspectly. In their daily life, they try to be economical. They are willing to take good care of others, but they should avoid pessimism and hesitation.
Sheep is a calm and plain sign. In love, they tend to listen to each other’s inner voice and opinions and are not self-centered. In daily life, they would obey their lovers and discuss together about the big issues.