Easy Hints & Tips for Creating a Great Profile Page

Your profile will have the biggest impact & is the single best visual way & to attract the person you are wanting in your life.

There are a few simple ways to make sure you get it right the first time so it will give you more chance to find that special person you have been looking for & avoid wasting your precious time.

A few of the easiest way to make your profile stand out are:

  • Always be truthful about who you are & what you are looking for in your partner
  • Give as much detail as you need to explain the type of person you are looking for & who you are
  • Tell your potential partner what you like & what you don’t like
  • Use as many current, clear or good quality face photos as you can (visually, this is your best chance to attract them or let them see what you look like)
  • If you deliberately put in misleading/incorrect location information, the people in your area looking won’t be able to find you & your profile won’t be activated
  • Make sure your photos are orientated in the right way & also that the photo is higher than it is wider or at least equal width to height otherwise the photo will be sideways (an easy to use photo editor is PhotoJoiner or LunaPic)

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